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This range enlargement offers remarkable chances to act on the market with tactical actions, such as participation in tender, products aimed at chains of distribution, items for particular markets.
The main marking points of Promed production are:

  • Design: very trendy and equilibrated, absolutely made in Italy
  • Technology: updated both in mechanical and electronical terms, capable of giving the best performances
  • Quick deliveries: for giving a prompt answer to more and more speedy market needs
  • Competitive price: for facing up a hypercompetitive global context
  • Quality: expressed both in the product and in the service.

Promed can offer standard products, customized products or completely devoted products according to customer's specifications.

Promed is specialized in manufacturing dental chairs and operator stools. Its production is devoted to dental unit manufacturers.
Promed products represent a big commercial opportunity for manufacturers allowing them to differentiate their own production range in very short times, without investments and at a definite and competitive production cost.

Via Rossini, 26
40050 Villanova di Castenaso
(Bologna), Italy
Tel: +39 051 780 465
Fax: +39 051 781 625
P.IVA: 00890301203

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